Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Flower

The Flower
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar
Characters involved: Katara, Aang, Toph, Suki and Sokka
*In the garden*
Toph: Hey look! There's a flower shaped like a triangle. (A/N: Toph can sense the shape of the flower.)
Aang: Cool! Let's go and see it!
Toph: *sniffs flower*
Katara: Don't Toph! It could be…
Toph: *faints*
Katara: …Dangerous
All: …
Aang and Suki: Hahaha!
Katara: *glares at them*
Aang and Suki: *drag Toph home*
Sokka: hahaha… *falls asleep*

The Scientist

The Scientist
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Sokka, Aang, Momo, Katara, Appa, Zuko and Suki
Sokka: I'm going to turn Aang into Momo! BWAHAHA!
Aang: Are you sure this is safe?
Sokka: Of course!
*Aang transforms into Appa*
Sokka: Oops! Sorry!
*Aang transforms into Katara*
Sokka: OMG!
*Aang transforms into Momo*
Aang (as Momo): Okay. It worked. Now, change me back.
*Aang transforms into Suki*
Sokka: …. That's just creepy.
*Aang transforms into Zuko*
Sokka: One last try. If it doesn't work, then too bad.
*Aang changes back to normal*
Aang: Yay! I'm me again!
Sokka: Um, yeah. But one thing…
Aang: Yeah?
Sokka: You have a tail.
Aang: Aaah!

The Talking Animals

The Talking Animals
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Appa, Momo, Aang, Sokka, Toph and Katara
*Scary music*
Aang: Hey Sokka! Lets play with Appa and Momo!
Sokka: Okay! Let's go!
Aang: Hey buddy!
Sokka: Hey Momo!
Appa and Momo: Hi!
Sokka and Aang: T-T-T-Talking animals?
Appa: Yeah, we talk
Momo: We rule!
Aang: Sokka, did you know animals talk?
Sokka: N-N-N-No?
Appa: Hahaha! You humans are foolish!
Momo: We rule!
Appa: Totally!
Aang and Sokka: What is this?
Toph and Katara: Haha! You thought they were talking?
Aang: I didn't see you behind them.
Sokka: You…you…you…
Toph and Katara: We what? *Laughs*

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Sokka, Aang and Toph
*Scary music*
Sokka: Hey Aang! Check this out!
Aang: Whats up Sokka?
Sokka: Hey Toph come here!
Toph: Yeah? I can't see you know.
Sokka: I'm not dumb!
Toph: I think you are!
Sokka: Anyway, before a certain type of toffee started to insult, I was going to show everyone a magnificent experiment! But I'm going to need Appa and Momo.
Aang: Appa! Momo!
Sokka: Okay. Now I take a few furs and put them in a test tube together with this chemical.
Toph: You made me blind!
Sokka: I thought you were always blind?
Aang: Look!
From the test tube, a small Appa crawled up!
Sokka: See, nice huh?
Aang: I'm keeping it!
Sokka: Fine.
Aang: YAY!
Toph: Bye, people who are reading this.

The Dream

The Dream
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Zuko
Aang: I lost my ipod!
Katara: How?
Sokka: Yeah, did you eat it?
Toph: Crazy!
Suki and Zuko: …
Aang: No! When I was playing with Momo and Appa they played tug-of-war with the ipod and it fell into the toilet bowl and I accidentally flushed it! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Everyone: …
Sokka: Hahaha…
Aang: What's so funny? No words of comfort for me?
Sokka: You played in the toilet!
Everyone but Aang: *laughs*
Aang: No! I was wiping my butt okay?
Zuko: Yeah! OMG!
Suki: …
Aang: Yeah! Appa and Momo…
Katara: *sigh*
Appa: Good Lords!
Aang: You Talk?
Appa: No, I am the toilet bowl!
*Aang wakes up.*
Aang: That was all a dream…

The Case of the Missing Toilet Bowl

The Case of the Missing Toilet Bowl
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Suki, Toph, Aang and Sokka
*Insert scary music here*
Toph and Aang: Whats the matter?
Suki: The toilet bowl is missing!
Toph and Aang: *GASP*
Aang: I suppose…
Toph: I feel that its somewhere around
Suki: Where?
Toph points at a tent
The three enter the tent and…
Aang: Why would you take the toilet bowl?
Sokka: I needed a sink to wash my face…
All except Sokka: Yeah.
Sokka: My face!

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