Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Scientist

The Scientist
Disclaimer: We do not own Avatar.
Characters involved: Sokka, Aang, Momo, Katara, Appa, Zuko and Suki
Sokka: I'm going to turn Aang into Momo! BWAHAHA!
Aang: Are you sure this is safe?
Sokka: Of course!
*Aang transforms into Appa*
Sokka: Oops! Sorry!
*Aang transforms into Katara*
Sokka: OMG!
*Aang transforms into Momo*
Aang (as Momo): Okay. It worked. Now, change me back.
*Aang transforms into Suki*
Sokka: …. That's just creepy.
*Aang transforms into Zuko*
Sokka: One last try. If it doesn't work, then too bad.
*Aang changes back to normal*
Aang: Yay! I'm me again!
Sokka: Um, yeah. But one thing…
Aang: Yeah?
Sokka: You have a tail.
Aang: Aaah!

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